High Performance Strapping Machines

A high performance and indispensable all rounder for various strap applications. Top Swiss-made quality and highly reliable for most efficient packaging securement.

SMG 10 - Strapping Machine
Strapex strapping machine smg10 - click to start movie
Highlights of this high performance strapping machine SMG 10 are:
  • Speed: up to 70 cycles per minute
  • Constant strap tension for small to large packages and for soft and hard products
  • Pull-out dispenser
  • Simple and rapid coil change

Save time and money with 5 mm plastic strap !

  • Operator friendly
  • Strap tension easily adjustable with push button touch panel
  • Soft tension button
  • Simple technology
  • Few moving parts
  • Easy access
SMG 25 - Strapping Machine
  • Speed: up to 65 cycles per minute
  • all operating functions using foot pedal
  • High availability
  • Consumable cost saving with using thinner 9mm and/or 12mm strap
  • Simple coil change
  • Automatic strap threading system
  • Robust and compact design
  • Easy access
  • Tool-free trouble shooting for high up time.
Plug & Play:

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SMG series:

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