Plastic Strapping Hand Tools

For quick and cost-effective strapping of packages and pallets for stationary or mobile use, the handy manual Strapex hand tools are a reliable choice. The battery powered hand tools are ergonomically designed and allow for long and effortless working hours.

Battery powered hand tools

Battery powered strapping strapex stb70 - click to start movie
Battery powered strapping strapex stb80
  • Motorised tensioning and sealing system for PP polypropylene and PET polyester strap 12-13, 15-16mm for general purpose applications
  • Latest motor and battery technology
  • Type STB70
  • Motorised tensioning and sealing system for high tension PET polyester strap applications 16-19mm
  • Type STB80
Strapex stb60 Strapex stb68
  • Manual tensioning and automatic friction sealing system for PP polypropylene and PET polyester strap applications
  • Type STB60
  • The lightest tool for 9-13mm PP and 9mm PET strapping allows for welding without tensioning.
  • Type STB68

Tensioner/Sealer combination

strapping hand tool strapex stt and sts strapping hand tool strapex stc
  • Hand tools with strap tensioner type STT and manual closing of the metal seal with sealing device type STS.
  • Manual tensioning and seal application.
  • Seal closing with one single combination tool type STC, for serrated metal seals
STB 70 Plug & Play:

A quantum leap in strapping:

Movie on STB 70 at work
Developed and manufactured in Switzerland:

New STB 70 successfully passed endurance testing (movie)

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STB 70/80 Brochure:

Details of the latest Strapex battery tool range

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