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Adjustable operation mode, depending on application:

  • fully automatic
  • semi-automatic
  • manual
  • soft
  • Energy-efficient strapping system
  • More cycles per battery charge
  • Cost efficient
  • Service-friendly design
  • High quality


Regardless of package, size, vertical or horizontal strappping:

  • Fully or semi-automatic tensioning, welding, and strap cutting - with only one push of a button


For multiple strapping or for the same types of goods:

  • consistent strappings
  • guaranteed welding
  • automatic strapping eliminates operator errors

Environment friendly

Latest brushless motor engineering with environment friendly Li-Ion battery technology from Bosch

  • high efficiency ratio
  • no memory effect
  • recharging at any time
  • high number of strapping

For the movies and more details please go to Products & Technologies - Hand Tools for Plastic Strapping

The Strapex Advantage

Strapping with only one push of a button